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If you are a Guardian, Power of Attorney, Administrator of Care Home or Case Worker, we help your Medicare folks receive all the benefits they are eligible for! 


Joy's been helping Guardians maximize their folks benefits since 2017 and has helped all types of Medicare Beneficiaries for over 23 years.


We help Guardians obtain more benefits for their Medicare wards/clients.   We know how hard you work to find them housing, caregivers, medical care and more.  You are there for their emergencies and may have several folks in your caseload.  It takes a great deal of time to research benefits.  We're here to provide the missing piece that may make a huge difference in their quality of life.

Call Joy's cell for more info:

Joy is an author of several  books about Medicare topics and she's an independent Medicare Agent. 


Being independent means she works for the client and not any particular company or plan.  She has helped thousands of people obtain Medicare Plan benefits since 2001.  

Joy's Cell

You may be eligible for complementary copy of Joy's book.

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